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Locally Owned Locksmith Company

Being a locally owned locksmith company and also an automotive locksmith means that we are intimately familiar with our customers and their needs. Not only do we know what services to provide, but we also understand the local community and can recommend the best locksmith company in town for your specific needs. We’re dedicated to providing excellent customer service, which is why you can always trust us to take care of your locksmith needs!

Providing new & innovative locking systems

We are constantly updating our locking technology to provide the best possible service to our customers. Our latest innovation is a digital lock that allows you to access your home or office with your cell phone! If you’re looking for a locksmith company that is always up-to-date, look no further than Markey’s Locksmith – we’re the perfect choice for all of your security needs!


We offer residential locksmith services, which include lock installation and repair, key cutting and duplication, as well as lockout service. We take the time to get to know our clients so that we can provide the best possible service for their needs!


We offer a wide range of commercial locksmith services, from lock installation and repair to key cutting and lockout services. We're here to help your business stay safe and secure!


We offer a wide range of automotive services, including lock installation and repair. We also offer key cutting and lockout services, which can be extremely important in times of security breaches.

Why choose Markey's Locksmith

Lockpicking Your Way Out Of Any Situation

Talented staff with the best track record for customer satisfaction!


Uses Top Quality Tools

We use nothing less than the latest tools and technology when it comes to any job.

Free Consultations

Not sure if our services are right for you? Well we offer FREE consultations!

Certified Locksmiths

All of our locksmiths have years under their belt in experience, so you can count on them!

24/7 Support

Call us at any time. We will be sure to assist you in the best way we can.


Frequently Ask Questions.

Have any questions for us? Check here first, we probably have already answered it!


Yes! We truly are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to handle emergency situations. We're not even closed for the holidays! Appointments are preferred, even if they are only a couple of hours in advance; however, we can schedule appointments in the middle of the night if that is the most convenient time for you.

Most of the time, provided that all of your locks are the same brand!


Yes, picking a lock (house or car) does not harm the lock, the house, or the car. The only exception is if the lock is already damaged or needs to be drilled. Then the lock must be replaced. Drilling is extremely rare.


No. A "master" key can only open locks that have been configured to accept it.


Your key snaps in the door lock or ignition. It always happens at the most inconvenient time. Call Markey's Locksmith! It is much easier for a locksmith to extract the key from the lock and make you a new key than to have your car towed to the dealer. Much less expensive as well! We come to you and make car keys on the spot, including transponder, push-to-start, and high-security keys.


Yes! Markey's Locksmith services store doors and all related hardware.


There are a few different reasons why your storefront door may be slamming. One possibility is that the bolt has been overtightened and is no longer allowing the door to close properly. This will require a locksmith for adjustment. Another possible cause of slamming doors is faulty hinges or hardware; if these are not functioning properly, it can cause doors to slam more frequently.

In either case, contacting Markey's Locksmith would be the best solution; we have years of experience solving storefront door problems and will be able to do so in a timely manner.


Yes we do! We repair and replace commercial steel doors, as well as fire doors and all related hardware.


Yes, we are able to re-key any kind of storefront door!